silence broken (23 ours of freedom disc one)

by freetarek

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Tarek Mehanna is a young Muslim leader from the Boston area who was recently targeted and arrested by the FBI after he refused to become an informant against his own community. Tarek is currently being illegally held in 23-hour solitary confinement in Pymouth, MA. His arrest is part of an ongoing campaign of FBI repression against Arab and Muslim communities.

Silence Broken is a project of the Tarek Mehanna Support Committee and Movement in Motion. This two part compilation cd will bring about awareness of Tarek's case, and his innocence, to the public. This educational fundraising project consists of more than 45 artists and activists who have donated their music to raise awareness about FBI repression and related struggles against racism and oppression. The CD includes material recorded specifically in support of Tarek, and features a musically diverse array of movement artists.

Tarek appreciates any person who stands up for justice not only for his case but for any just cause. Please join in the campaign to free Tarek. We thank those who continue to support Tarek and we pray that Allah (swt) guides them and rewards them in this life and the hereafter.


released April 24, 2010

CD Track listing

1. From Me 2 U by Ibn Said Al-Jazairi
2. Under Surveillance by Kahlil Almustafa
3. Prank Call by Rev 1
4. Patriots Act by Rev 1
5. *Evidence Weak As 7 Days by R.E.A.L Muzic Luvers, L.O.S.T, Kat Hess a.k.a Enigmadancer (beat jack [KRS-One & Zack])
6. *Homegrown Terrorists by Remi Kanazi (produced by spiritchild)
7. Imagine by Abu Nurah (produced by Umar Jibril)
8. Genug by Schwesta (produced by creative maze)
9. The Hardcore Institute by Division X
10. Prognosis by Natural Bliss
11. Petronarcotic by Broadcast Live
12. Domeland Security by Bojah the Insurrection, Severe Funk Alert written by B. Satter (produced by C. Kennedy for CYT) vocals by Bojah
13. *Surveillance Society by spiritchild (produced by J Dilla)
14. Todos Somos Macheteros by X-Vandals (prophet/Juice)
15. History Repeats by Climbing Poetree
16. *All Falls Down by L.O.S.T, Majesty, Sistah Mia (produced by spiritchild)
17. Police State (Remix) by Testament
18. Bullpen Therapy by Rebel Diaz (produced by G1 of Rebel Diaz)
19. Mind Is Free by Hasan Salaam
20. *Can I Do More by Majesty & Stephanie Rooker (produced by spiritchild, bass by True Human Design)
21. By Morning (Remix Featuring Presente) by Evan Greer & Friends
22. *Change Going Come by Sistah Mia (produced by spiritchild)
23. *That Malcolm by Kahlil Khan (beat jack)

Tracks marked * were recorded and mixed by spiritchild @ multi creations studios bk, nyc

A Movement in Motion Artist & Activist Collective Production.

Executive produced by Tarek Mehanna Support Committee & Movement In Motion Collective.

Coordinating Production Laila Murad Boston, MA

Album Artwork by Carlos Latuff 2010
Album graphic design and layout by spiritchild

For booking a speaker and artist for an event, or for general questions about the case, contact



all rights reserved


freetarek Boston

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Track Name: spiritchild - surveillance society
See they got we on camera they spot me.
Worse than the paparazzi.
Lights camera them shot we not a good time for sloppy clean up.

Hello (what up)
You know the story well.
My people, your people cointel.
So we the people tell them people to go to hell.
Surviellance society be eyeing we well
Swinging swords let the lions rebel.
So much lying you fail to see the proof falsely accused jailed. Locked up shakled and chained.
No time for change, we need a revolution not what they say.
They mean change like guantanamo bay.
I mean change like 1804. sak pase map boulé Amandla.
I'm reading Mandela keeping the strength
Reflection in acapella. Free tarek(tariq) mehanna
And all political prisoners. From low to maximum.
Free them like assata no time for asking them.
Cause you going be next if threaten the system they got we.

See they got we on camera they spot me.
Worse than the paparazzi.
Lights camera they shot me not a good time for sloppy clean up.

Beyond tap phones and emails.
Coded text red flags And details.
They don't need that.
They'll take your grandma if she utters the fact "something wrong" Handcuffs slap clap.
When they say war on the terrorist.
That's synonomous hand in hand with war on the innocent.
See something say something I've been seeing alot.
And I've been saying till my voice hoarse they kill us with cops. Use military tactics on they own population.
And I ain't talking Afghanistan.
I'm talking this nation. Home of the racist. USA.
Land of hypocrites. AmeriKKK.
Where tea parties can openly protest, plot and scheme.
And kill you for the amerikan dream.
But I don't sleep.
So fuck amerikan dreams. I stay awake like giraffes
Overseing the scene.u

See they got we on camera they spot me.
Worse than the paparazzi.
Liights camera they shot me not a good time for sloppy clean up.

We good at letter writing we good at freedom fighting.
This song is my post card stamped delivered.
Keep praying inshallah. Strengthen the spirit.
You'll be free with the people til then we given.
Everything that we got. Plus a little more.
In the streets we marching. Your cause on tour.
You're an inspiration. And a whole lot more.
Hidden chains don't break you. We break chains and walls.
Treat like a slave in a cage but you soar.
Spreading wings of freedom. Surpass steel doors.
Your resistance like warriors before.
We adore what you represent tarek (tariq) stay strong.

It's time for the people to wake up.
Don't get caught up when they try to shake up.
Realeyes. Surpass (see pass) make up.
Government spies shift to shape up. You don't know.
We don't fight to loose.
So long our people been singing them blues.
We don't fight to loose.
Too long but know we winning them.

Written by spiritchild over J Dilla productions
For the free tarek support committe cd
Creative Commons feb 2010


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Berlin mobile +0049 01 639 24 51 95